Design Talks

Design Talks take place in the summer, and are a cooperation between Schloss Hollenegg for Design and Creative Industries Styria.

Even successful entrepreneurs often do not have a clear picture of what it means to work side by side with designers, and what benefits could design as an integrated discipline could bring to their company. Design is still often perceived as an expensive addition that makes things look prettier. The concrete and objective benefits that a creative mind, apt to problem solving, can bring to the equation are mostly neglected. The idea behind "Design Gespräche” is to address this important theme and present successful examples of cooperations between designers and companies. As well as a Keynote speaker, designers are invited to talk side by side with their clients, and recount how the collaboration started, developed and brought positive results. Regional companies who do not work regularly with designers are invited to take part and discover the potential of working with creatives from different fields. 

In July 2016 our guests were:

Katrin Radanitsch of Dottings & Julian Riess of Riess Kelomat / Kirsten Ives of moodley brand identity & Bettina Stoißer-Hubmann of Am Dorfplatz 8 / Thomas Feichtner & Karin Polzhofer of KAPO, Neue Wiener Werkstätte