Organised together with the Creative Industries Styria, the idea behind the Design Talks is to present successful examples of cooperation between designers and companies. The designers are invited to talk side by side with their clients.

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22.09. – 23.09.2020
Schloss Hollenegg for Design


  • Martin Mostböck & Konstantin Filippou
  • Benjamin Pernthaler & Markus Tragner, mtdesign Tischlerei
  • Christian Lunger, motasdesign & Sebastian Schweiger, Skicircus Saalbach
  • Rainer Atzlinger, RDD design network & Kees Hoogendoorn, Keestrack
  • Thomas Feichtner & Michael Fried, Bene
  • Peter Schreckensberger & Thomas Saier, Edera-Safety
  • Georg Wanker & Gerald Wodl, WODL
  • Lukas Jungmann, Aberjung & Markus Zanier, Zanier Sport
  • Maria Traunmüller, moodley & Werner Pumhösel, Seisenbacher
01.07. – 02.07.2019
Schloss Hollenegg for Design

Design is the element in the development process of products that has a lasting impact on success or failure. Design is not just an aesthetic discipline, but an economic criterion. The Hollenegg Design Talks explore ways and options for how companies can deal with design and how design can be integrated into existing corporate strategies. The focus is on the innovative and transformative power of design and its importance as a catalyst for successful product development.

Anyone who talks about design implies high quality, from conception to production. Design leaves nothing to chance – accordingly, the expectations, on the part of the companies and also on the part of the designers, are high. Design is also about permitting a permanent process of development and actively accompanying it. The things that can emerge, be adopted and discarded, are the center of an intensive experience exchange, which allows both sides to tell about requirements, tasks and solutions, products and potentials.

The Melangeset for Augarten & Lobmeyr Glas, designed by LUCY.D, shows how to reinterpret the Viennese tradition of serving a glass of water with your coffee. Due to a new cup shape and a small additional plate, the Alphabecher, a classic by Lobmeyr, now forms a three-part set. The Almwellness Hotel Pierer shows that people love modern timber constructions, especially in tourism. Over the past 10 years, in cooperation with the carpentry of Josef Goebel, almost all the rooms and sitting areas have been redesigned.

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  • Commonplace Studio & Logicdata
  • Georg Mähring & ADA Polstermöbel
  • ORTLOS Space Engineering & Magna Steyr
  • Factor & Joma Kunststofftechnik
03.07. – 04.05.2018
Schloss Hollenegg for Design


  • Karin Santorso and Barbara Ambros, LUCY.D & Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten
  • Josef Göbl, Tischlerei Göbel & Alfred Pierer, AlmWellness Hotel Pierer
  • Martin Fössleitner, & Stefan Hampl, Sigmund-Freud-Privatuniversität
14.07. – 16.07.2017
Schloss Hollenegg for Design

In 2017, the Design Talks have been LucyD, Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur, Tischlerei Göbelwill, AlmWellness Hotel Pierer, Dottings, Riess Kelomat, Thomas Feichtner, Neue Wiener Werkstätte, Jarosinski & Vaugoin, Viereck Architekten, Steirereck am Pogusch,, Sigmund-Freud-Privatuniversität, Moodley, Am Dorfplatz 8, Edelweiss Industrial Design, WUGGL.


  • Stephanie Hornig & Jean-Paul Vaugoin vonJarosinski & Vaugoin
  • Joris Zeibinger of Edelweiss Industrial Design & Markus Schweinzer of WUGGL
  • Marleen Viereck von Viereck Architekten und Martin Breitberger von Mareiner Holz & Heinz Reitbauer von Steirereck am Pogusch
04.07. – 05.07.2016
Schloss Hollenegg for Design


  • Katrin Radanitsch, Dottings & Julian Riess, Riess Kelomat
  • Kirsten Ives, moodley brand identity & Bettina Stoißer-Hubmann, Am Dorfplatz 8
  • Thomas Feichtner & Karin Polzhofer, KAPO Neue Wiener Werkstätte