Schloß Hollenegg for Design

The first mention of Hollenegg dates back to 1163, and the long history of the Schloss Hollenegg is visible in its architecture, as successive owners added to the original medieval construction over the centuries. Of particular beauty is the Renaissance courtyard, modelled on the Landhaus in Graz and probably designed by the same architect, Domenico dell'Aglio, in the 16th century. In the second courtyard the Baroque church is still used to this day by the local community. 

Schloss Hollenegg is since 1821 property of the Liechtenstein Family.  Alice Stori Liechtenstein lives in Schloss Hollenegg with her family. Her passion for Design and her desire to support Design culture, as well as emerging and talented designers, has brought her to start the project Schloß Hollenegg for Design. The project's mission is to support young emerging designers, with the aim of creating space for design research, thinking and critique. Schloß Hollenegg for Design offers one of the few residency programs specifically aimed at designers, as well as organising exhibitions, workshops and symposia centered around design.