The residency program is on invitation only and aimed exclusively at designers. In order to qualify, designers have to be below 40 years of age, need to have worked independently for at least three years and submit a portfolio. The portfolio must show a strong personal style, an interest in history and research, experience and confidence in the use of different mediums and materials, and an ability to work conceptually.

The residency has to last a minimum of two weeks and takes place in July. The designers work within the context of a given theme and a specific room; they are free to explore mediums and styles but should let themselves be inspired by the history and the objects of Schloß Hollenegg. When possible designers are matched with a production partner that covers the costs of making. The designers receive a creative fee or a research grant, depending on the project. The projects are presented the following year during the May exhibition.

Designers who are interested in participating in our yearly exhibition are welcome to send a portfolio, and a brief motivational letter addressed to our curator at The exhibition planned for 2023 will explore glass. We are looking for young designers interested in exploring this medium!