Ashes & Sand

Ashes & Sand will explore glass, showing the wide variety of products that can be made out of the material: windows, tableware, spectacles, lighting, mirrors, and the many decorative objects that one can find in any home and sometimes only in a castle. The exhibition will also investigate the glass production in the region around Hollenegg and how politics and economics played a role in shaping the manufacturing and commerce of this commodity.

In addition to the historical glass objects of Schloss Hollenegg, 25 designers will present their own glass works. From everyday objects to unique artworks, the projects on show display the incredible diversity of glass in terms of use, production technique and style. Mirrors, lamps and vases but also drinking fountains, and fibreglass textiles are moulded, melted, blown, 3D printed.

Supported by:

Finnland Institute in Germany
Danish Arts Foundation
SRG Lawyers
Marktgemeinde Bad Schwanberg