Designers in Residence

The Residency Program is on invitation only and open to designers below thirty-five, with at least three years working experience as designers. The residencies take place between June and September and last a minimum of one week.

The designers selected are invited to sojourn in Schloss Hollenegg, during which time they work on a site specific design installation. The design installations are curated works on a given theme, that are able to engage, or even interact, with visitors; they could include objects made for production or be thought as limited edition pieces. The designers are free to explore mediums and styles but should let themselves be inspired by the history and the objects of Schloß Hollenegg. The installations are presented to the public in May of the following year within a collective thematic exhibition. 

The 2015 Designers in Residence were Dean Brown, Dossofiorito and Mischer'traxler, who worked on the theme Slow. The 2016 Designers in Residence were Lex Pott and Stephanie Hornig, who worked on the theme Morphosis. The 2017 Designers in Residence were Belèn, Breaded Escalope, Commonplace and Odd Matter, who are working on the theme Legacy.